N.C.X CO., LTD is a leading company in the motorcycle industry in Cambodia, employing currently thousand employees. We are a premium employer of choice for talent employees due to that we always develop and grow them. We believe strongly in a business model that develops its talent primarily from within and gives people a chance to shine. On the other hands, the benefits of working for our company with the well-known reputation in the country and multicultural working environments – which creates opportunities for an incredibly varied regional career – and you have a recipe for your career success.

Long-term and security career opportunities

With the strongest financial capital and the remarkable growth of the company, as well as its distribution channels throughout the country, there is a wide range of opportunities provided to our people to progress their career.

Continuing our efforts in providing many opportunities for career advancement, we have developed a very rigorous succession and development planning program to upgrade our employees. We always keep adhering to the fair and transparent treatment to all our employees and firmly obeying to the Cambodian Labor Law.

Financial Benefits

  • Competitive basic salary and minimum wage exceeding the market rate,
  • Annual basic salary increment,
  • Annual performance bonus,
  • Attendance bonus,
  • Section allowance,
  • Transportation allowance,
  • Healthcare allowance,
  • Night shift allowance,
  • Seniority bonus,
  • Food allowance,
  • Baby milk allowance and
  • 100 % of 3 months compensation to female employees giving birth.

Non-financial benefits

  • Insurance coverage,
  • Uniform offer,
  • All benefits guaranteed by labor law and
  • 2 days off during Lunar New Year.

N.C.X Co., Ltd commits to providing market competitive pay and rewards to attract, motivate and retain the highest quality individuals to be part of a team of the best and most diverse people. Our remuneration and benefits are structured to reward people for demonstrating our values in their actions and decisions and their individual and collective contribution to our success.

Employees working with us will enjoy both financial and non-financial benefits such as the standard benefits guaranteed by the labor law, uniform, the quality of the work environment, opportunities for professional development and competitive pays.

Competitive remuneration

Performance-based culture

Performance appraisal is structured to create a strong link between reward and performance. The appraisal is conducted twice times annually and its results are used to make decision on annual salary increment, bonus offer and promotion. Consistency, transparency and fairness are assured through our annual performance review process where individual performance is initially reviewed by the line manager, then calibrated against peers by second line manager.

N.C.X Co., Ltd is committed to provide the best support to our employees, through various learning and development programs. We aim to develop all employees for success by ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge to consistently succeed and outperform in their current roles, while providing ongoing learning and development opportunities to support your career with the company.

A wide range of training activities which include granting time off for learning, short course training, ongoing coaching and mentoring, on-the-job training and offshore secondments are available.

In addition to the in-house training programs we have in country, the overseas training and secondments become another important agenda at our company. We always some of our local staff to work offshore to gain the experience in and exposure to international working standards, to broaden the network and ultimately bring the international expertise and knowledge back to the country.

Regular investment in people development through ongoing training coaching and mentoring