Traffic accident is a crucial factor in Cambodia that kills many lives as resulted, many people died, wounded, handicap and lost properties both private and public sectors.  To contribute in reducing traffic accident in Cambodia to the low level, N.C.X Company has established a motorcycle driving school in a purpose of educating and teaching about safety in driving and traffic law to people for free. Besides training of driving in our school we try our best to promote the knowledge of safety in driving and traffic law to public institute such as school, companies and organizations in city and provinces.


N.C.X safety riding center was established in 2008 which is located in Honda Manufacturing compound along VengSreng Street, SangkatChom Chao, Khan Porsenchey, Phnom Penh. The center area is 3400m2 with a 1 building 8m x 20m with a classroom for 50 students, meeting room, office, mechanic room and terrace for technical and skill training in driving.


In order to strengthen qualification and reply for the need of people in every level, N C X riding center creates course:

1 – Course for Driving License’s Testing

This course teaches all people to understand traffic laws, traffic signals, intersection priorities, and safety in driving for an applying driving license from the ministry of transportation in Phnom Penh and provinces.

2 – Driving safety training course for children

inal checking of motorcycle that we sell to make sure a perfect qualification for customer. Pre-delivery inspection is an inspection before give to customer to check the technician and other problems that can be problematic in motorcycles.


Candidates who are interested in this program may send 2 photos 2 x 4, 1 copy of citizen identification card, family book and birth certification. After graduated the course at N.C.X riding center, we will give certificate to all candidate who apply for this motor driving license.


Tel:  012 945 308 / 076 257 9999 / 017 39 99 62 / 016 76 01 76
E-mail : phen_p@ncxhonda.com / yanath_d@ncxhonda.com


If you all want to apply  to learn driving and ground traffic law, please come to complete application form at N.C.X Riding Center which is located in Honda Manufacturing compound along VengSreng street, SangkatChomChao,KhanPorsenchey, Phnom Penh in every work time.