Honda officially launches NEW HONDA ADV150 from December 2, 2020

NCX, the only company licensed to manufacture and assemble Honda motorcycles and the leading motorcycle sales company in Cambodia, has officially launched a new series of ADVENTURE motorcycles, the NEW HONDA ADV150. Under the concept of #CROSSBOUNDLESSLY from December 2, 2020 onwards. To meet the demand for URBAN EXPLORER with great driving ability whether traveling in the city or long distances and unlimited driving with 150cc engine equipped with PGM-FI fuel system and HONDA SMART TECHNOLOGY technology Leading with engine water tank as well.

Want to know if NEW HONDA ADV150 has something different, let’s see ÷

• New! With ADV150 LOGO on both sides, gold color.

• New! With gold plate design, equipped with ABS front brake system as well as WAVY DISC brake pads, stop the motorcycle safely in all situations.

Intelligent technology, remote control, display the location of the motorcycle and provide high safety.

• Charging place with a large box to accommodate all kinds of phones that make your life livelier.

• FULL DIGITAL counters display all the information accurately, precisely every process.

• With rear air pump, more convenient and convenient to travel in all road conditions in the city or far away.

Headlights equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs that emit sharp light, and taillights equipped with ESS system that automatically signals the emergency light when the brakes are applied.

• Front windshield can be adjusted in two levels to reduce the force of the wind to help travel far.

NEW ADV150 has 4 colors: white, black, red and gray for us to choose from.

It should be noted that all customers can buy at all Honda motorcycle shops across the country from December 2, 2020 onwards.

For more information: Login via link: https://bit.ly/YTnewADV150

Website: https://bit.ly/NewHondaADV150

Facebook Page: https://bit.ly/FBnewADV150

Contact: 010 922 922.