The big motorcycle Parade for 2016 by N.C.X. Honda

May 7, 2016

The big motorcycle Parade for 2016 by N.C.X. Honda Hosted a great joint excursion with the name “HONDA SAFETY CARAVAN 2016” under the theme of “Safety of riding is wearing helmet” is a big motorcycle parade for 2016 held in three different locations. This is a great and marvelous parade with the numbers of motorcycles of all Honda models joining as Honda Dream Honda wave Honda MXS Honda Scooy-I Honda Click and Honda Moove are totally 1,500 motorcycles and more than 3,000 participants from all provinces across the country.

1st on 7 & 8 May 2016 parade from Phnom Penh to Vikirom in Kompong Speu with a camping.
2nd A parade from the Cultural Village to Angkor Chum in Siem Reap province and participated in cleaning the environment at Angkor Park compound, under the spirit of “My actions are for our heritage”.

3rd A parade from Ochheuteal Beach to Otres, fulfilling the duty of a good citizen preserving the coastal area which is the most beautiful beach in the world which we have named as the South Rising Star and under the spirit of “Clean environment begins from us”. The event was held for a full day of fun, organized various games with lots of souvenirs and win prizes, snapshots and family fun with HONDA and participated in preserving national pride symbols in the name of Khmer children. Night concerts attended by many celebrities, dancing together and happily. Through a representative of Honda, we expressed our gratitude and thanks to all customers, as well as representatives of all Honda dealers who have participated and traveled together as the family of HONDA under the smiling atmosphere and with the most success. These can be called a rare memory of the Honda family members created by N.C.X. Honda as a direct customer motivation and to create a close relationship between the Honda dealers and their customers.