NCX dealers provide warranty to the customer for quality defects. The warranty period is 12 months or 12,000 km start from warranty registration date. All damage parts from quality defects are covered by NCX dealers, please bring your motorcycle to NCX dealer for servicing.

Warranty Exclusion
The following items are not covered by NCX dealer warranty:

  1. Any damage due to neglect of periodic maintenance.
  2. Any damage caused by repair works or maintenance of which the method is not specified by NCX.
  3. Any damage caused by use of the M/C in competitive events such as races.
  4. Any damage caused by use beyond the specified limitations (maximum load, passenger capacity, engine speed etc) or operating the M/C in a manner that is not indicated in the owner’s manual.
  5. Any damage resulted from the use of non-genuine HONDA parts, or non-recommended parts. In principle, all HONDA M/C must be repaired and maintenance using genuine HONDA parts, regardless of whether the product warranty is valid or not. Use of non-genuine HONDA parts may result in deteriorated performance and reliability. As for the following lubricants and fluids, items specified by NCX must be used; brake fluid, suspension oil, and radiator coolant.
  6. Any damage resulted from the use of oversize piston including parts which were officially provided by HONDA.
  7. Any damage caused by unauthorized modification.
  8. Any damage or deterioration due to the passage of time. NCX does not guarantee the replacement cost for parts due to natural wear and aged deterioration. Specifically, the following consumable parts and oils are the parts and material that are deteriorated and consumed within the warranty period of the M/C itself, in this case the cost required for the replacement is not included in warranty. Blake fluid, engine oil, suspension oil, and radiator coolant. Spark plug, fuel filter, oil filter element, air cleaner element, drive chain and sprocket, brake pad, brake shoe, clutch disc, light bulbs (LED are covered in warranty), fuse, motor brush, step rubber, tire, inner tube, other rubber parts.
  9. Any damage resulted from improper storage or transportation from NCX to dealer.
  10. Cost of regular cleaning, maintenance, and PDI.
  11. Repair cost performed by general repair shop. Under the circumstance when there is no choice other than unauthorized third party must perform the repair, approval by NCX must be obtained prior together with evidence to support such a repair.
  12. Cost for re-work to correct the improper / inadequate work previously performed.
  13. Any damage caused by unavoidable natural disaster, fire caused by other factors, collision, and theft.
  14. Any damage caused by exposure of the M/C to soot and smoke, chemical agents, bird-droppings, sea water, sea breeze, or other environmental phenomenon.
  15. Any damage resulted from a prolonged storage period and improper handling at dealer prior to sale to an end customer.